Book Talk and Signing with Jordan Warfel, local author



On Tuesday, August 23, at 6pm, local author Jordan Warfel will give a presentation from his recently published book, As Decent Human Beings. In this presentation a broad review of American history will chronicle the formation of America’s core values.

George Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights and its influence on the formation of our country will be discussed. Jordan will also review a number of events in American history and their relationship to our core values including the following: slavery, the trail of tears, racial segregation, forced sterilization, Japanese imprisonment, and legal abortion. Jordan will be available to autograph copies of his book after the presentation.

This program will enrich patrons’ understanding of United States history and culture, enabling them to become more responsible citizens and to make positive contributions to their community and nation.

The program is free and open to all and no registration is required.

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