Greenwood Public Library

Local History Preservation Projects

On Friday, April 5th at 6pm, the Greenwood Library is hosting an interest meeting for two new projects aimed at preserving the past. The W&L Veteran’s Remembrance Society has been created by local 19-year-old David Miller Jr. with the aim of preserving personal memories of the brave veterans who fought for America’s freedom. With a current focus on WW2 Veterans whose numbers dwindle each day, this group will conduct intimate video interviews to be edited and made available at local libraries. David is seeking both Veteran’s willing to tell their stories and teens or adults interested either interviewing or editing these amazing recollections into DVD format.

Kirk Westfall of the Greenwood Visionaries will also be on hand to present a new project aimed at rediscovering stories and descriptions from Greenwood’s past. These stories will be used to create a Walking Tour of the town. Share family tales and remembrances that will highlight a local past in danger of being forgotten by future generations.

Whether you know a veteran who might be interested in telling their story, desire to learn the process of creating a documentary, or just love local history such as Greenwood’s great Train explosion, be sure to attend this interest meeting on April the 5th from 6-7pm at Greenwood Library.

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