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  • PrinterOn – Send things to our printer from your computer or mobile device! Send it from home or on the go and it will be ready to print when you get here.
  • Universal Class – has over 500 online continuing education courses. Free of charge, up to 5 classes can be taken at one time.
  • – your go-to spot for information, updates, apps and much much more!
  • Sussex County Libraries – Visit. Research. Browse.
  • My Librarian is a Sussex County librarian who has similar taste to yours to figure out what they recommend that you read next!
  • Select Reads – Click the ‘Select Reads’ button to sign up for a free personalized monthly newsletter, recommended reading list, an awards list, a new titles list or the author spotlight!
  • Author Check – Click the ‘Author Check’ button to create a list of your favorite authors and receive an email notice as soon as your library orders a new title by one of your authors with a link to immediately place your own hold!
  • Next Good Book – Free! Click the ‘New Book Alerts’ button and subscribe to receive email alerts about the newest titles in the libraries. If you see a new title you want to read, just click “check catalog” to place a hold on that title immediately.

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