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Jr. Friends of the Library

On Wednesday, November 29th, at 3:30pm, teens ages 12+ who love libraries are invited to join the Jr. Friends of the Greenwood Library and help make things happen. If you love volunteering at your school library and can’t imagine a town without a public library in your life, or if you need volunteer hours for your diploma, then this is the club for you! Come to our monthly meetings on the final Wednesdays of each month and help plan and carry out totally fun programs for teens and children that will help them realize what a special place a library can be. The Greenwood Library is located next to the Greenwood Post Office. For more information, call Miss Donna at 349-5309, or stop by the library for a chat. And Jr. Friends need friends, so bring a friend!

Yearly Events & Special Activities

The Summer Reading Program
A 10 week program from June to August that encourages teens to read. There are cool events each week such as crafts, acting, magic shows, and programs by great performers as well as weekly prizes and one grand prize drawing! Open to children and teens from ages 12 to 17.