Reconnect Tuesday Interviews


What is #ReconnectTuesdays?

#ReconnectTuesday is an opportunity to create a community forum for civil public discourse but also re-establish and in some cases, establish relationships with leaders in the community. The past two years have been hard on many and the pandemic’s effect has created isolation and disconnect for many in our community. Help us build bridges, and forge new relationships to make our families, businesses, and community a stronger and more unified place we proudly call home. We invite you to engage and reconnect with your community.


Interview comments do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Greenwood PL or Sussex County Government.


Interviews – Click on a picture or the link to see the full interview






Christina Woitas Interview











Andrew Sharp Interview













Melody Slaubaugh Interview















Kelly Kirkland Interview















Bob Trapp Interview












Queena Mast Interview











Chris Petrone Interview
















Rachael and Sonya Interview












Keith Bosco Interview











Pastor Charles Claybourn Interview













Fran Smith Interview













Justin Senesi Interview












Norma Prettyman Interview














Dane Sears Interview

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